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I've recently been working on projects that require whitelisted IPs to access administrative areas of the website where, for example, you can create content or access API's. This can be a pain since the IP address that is provided by your ISP can sometime change, and even if it doesn't you may not always be at your office when you need access. There are various ways one could address this issue, but It turned out that tunneling my local traffic through a remote server was easier that I had... + continue reading
This 2013 DCCT session was presented at Yale University and is intended for for business leaders, institutional administrators, procurement specialists, and managers who need to understand the basics of how to think about and run a successful Drupal project from start to finish. The assumption is that you will not be doing the actual design, site-building, and development yourself. Instead, this talk focuses on putting together a strategy and building a team to meet both short and long... + continue reading
It was my pleasure to represent Knectar and to present at the 2013 Western Massachusates Drupal Camp. It was a full day of sessions, collaboration, and meeting new people. The conference site has since been taken down, so I've posted some information here.
On Monday, March 19, 2012, I participated in the Tropo and Constant Contact sponsored API contest held at DrupalCon in Denver Colorado. Our team, which included five developers from across the United states, was awarded first place in the contest.