Nova Inline Select

An inline select field for Laravel Nova.
By Brandon Ferens

Laravel Nova is a fantastic tool that we at Kirschbaum Development have been using for a while. We have been developing both client projects as well as internal ones.

We have some internal assets that we manage with a small Laravel Nova project. Managing the assets was quite easy and has saved us a lot of manual work. There was however one small tool we kept wanting to reach for, but unfortunately it didn’t exist.

In order to update the status of an item we would have to go to the update view, change the status, then save it. This became more cumbersome when more that one item needed the status updated.

So we built Nova Inline Select.

This great little tool allows us to easily change the status of the asset without having to edit. It can be used directly from both the index and detail views, saving a lot of time.

To start using it, install through Composer:

composer require kirschbaum-development/nova-inline-select

It works the same as Nova’s Select field with some added sugar. Read the full documentation over at Github and grab a copy today!

Tags: Open Source
Brandon Ferens
Web Application Developer
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