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Using Laravel Translations in Javascript

By Luís Dalmolin Have you ever wanted to use the same Laravel translations you use on the back-end in your front-end code, like Vue.js, Angular? Laravel Translations Loader is a webpack loader that enables you to load your Laravel translations into your javascript bundle. Instead of doing HTTP requests or anything like that, what the package does is to read and normalize your translations files (including PHP keyed translations files) during th + continue reading

Technical Navigation for Startups

Think of a startup as a boat. You generally need a crew to run that boat and the larger it gets the more folks you need “on deck.” For a moment let's forget about the logistics of actually operating a boat and just think about navigation. Many startup teams are eager to take on cheap inexperienced tech talent as a solution. They see no problem with bringing in a junior developer as a tech leader because “they’re a programmer, they know wh + continue reading

What is Laravel and why do we use it?

Solving complex business problems is to a software engineer as building a home is to a contractor. The perfect combination of expertise and building materials are essential. The contractor you've employed does not extend resources to chopping down trees and milling the lumber to frame the house, or mining for clay, molding it into bricks, and curing it in a kiln for a touch of elegance and protection (although she might know how to do all that!). + continue reading

How to Discover your Value Proposition

Have you ever lost yourself in a project? Spending days on end engrossed in its every little detail. Obsessing over each feature, button, and attribute. Finally you finish and show your magnum opus to your peers and they respond with an indifferent shrug or worse: they don't like it! You, like many others before you, have suffered from getting too involved with a project before first identifying your value proposition. What is a Value Proposition + continue reading

Outsourced Development for New Ventures

Maybe you have heard this story: A couple of guys with no technical experience get a great idea. They scrape together some money and start looking for a developer to build their visionary new product. Shopping around is yielding some pretty expensive results so they decide to pursue a developer overseas. As the first invoices come in they are busy patting themselves on the backs for saving so much money and outsmarting everyone. What captains of + continue reading
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