Transforming aromatherapy education and retail

Aromahead Institute, an online learning platform at the forefront of dynamic online aromatherapy education, partnered with Kirschbaum to enhance their platform's flexibility, allowing them to build marketing material dynamically and seamlessly.

“This program, in particular, has many requirements that no out-of-the-box solution could accommodate like student networking, blogging, marketing pages, payments, student courses and resources. From the beginning, we’ve been running various custom solutions. Over time, the complexity of making marketing changes to landing pages and student pages became increasingly laborious. We needed a custom solution that allowed a fast, student-optimized learning experience as well as a system that our team could make changes to quickly and easily.” — Jaren Williams / President, Aromahead

  • Introduced a dynamic web builder platform, akin to Shopify, leveraging Filament.
  • Enabled dynamic content creation without the need for HTML coding, increasing agility in building marketing and application material.
  • Built a highly configurable and user-friendly architecture, ensuring anyone could use the platform with ease.
  • Enhanced Aromahead’s flexibility and reduced the risk of errors associated with direct HTML input.
  • Created a user-friendly environment for both beginner and experienced developers.

Elevating the e-commerce experience

Aromatics, an Aromahead subsidiary e-commerce platform offering essential oils and aromatherapy products, sought to upgrade its Shopify-based website to Shopify 2. Kirschbaum enhanced the site's appearance, functionality, and customization options.

  • Revamped the Aromatics site during the transition to Shopify 2.
  • Leveraged Laravel for enhanced control and customization.
  • Introduced customization options to allow for a more personalized and visually appealing site.
  • Upgraded the ecommerce platform to Shopify 2.
  • Implemented a retheming of the marketplace to align with the client's vision and stretched the bounds of Shopify’s customization options.

“Working with the Kirschbaum team over the last couple of years has been a wonderful experience. Not only do they provide cutting edge software development but also excellent project management and brainstorming resources. The team has been very flexible in ramping up hours to rapidly deploy a project or ramping down between projects and always provide guidance and best practices for accomplishing our goals.”

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Software architecture
Laravel development

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