New features for a rapidly growing subscription service

A fast-growing startup operating in the perishable food delivery sector saw the demand for their subscription based food delivery services grow even more rapidly during the coronavirus pandemic. They needed experts to advise them on how to quickly secure and scale their fulfillment applications, improve order accuracy, and increase overall customer satisfaction while experiencing unprecedented growth.

The client already had a large development team, but needed a group of PHP and Laravel experts who could drop in and get to work on complex challenges without any hand-holding. They brought on Kirschbaum to provide technical leadership and hands-on development support.

Working tightly with the existing team, we continuously delivered value that impacted operations, customer experience, and readiness for future growth in both user-facing applications and order processing automation. Some examples include:

  • Rewrote existing API-s for maintainability and performance and keeping compatibility with existing connected systems to make room for growth.
  • Developed automated systems to validate and proactively correct orders before fulfillment, reducing delivery delays and fulfillment errors.
  • Automated various fulfillment processes to respond to fast-paced growth while minimizing human error; these included stock availability reporting, operations, and logistics management.
  • Introduced communication capabilities to enable order tracking, visibility and improve customer experience.
  • Made it easier for finance and operations to get the information they need to work efficiently.

Our team delivered consistent results in improving performance to handle not only the sudden growth, but also spikes around holidays and high order volume events. We automated order processing to increase fulfillment reliability. Our work improved maintainability and made it easier for the business to respond to rapidly changing conditions.

Services Provided
Planning / specification
Software architecture
Laravel development

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