Solutions for business challenges in a COVID era

We regularly partner with companies to build applications to streamline their business operations, but during this new, more challenging reality COVID-19 has created, the work we do has taken on new meaning. Our team has been honored to help the organizations we work with build applications to pivot to new opportunities, and even help in the efforts to combat the COVID virus.

Services Provided.
Planning / specification
Software architecture
Laravel development

Here are a few examples of the applications our team has partnered with clients to develop.

  • A COVID-19 vaccine e-learning platform for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies
  • Online portals to attract and enroll volunteers for COVID-19 vaccine trials
  • A capacity tracking tool to help organizations adhere to state mandates for in-person occupancy and attendance limits
  • A reliable, automated recurring events application to allow hospitals, vaccine sites, cities, counties, and states to schedule daily vaccine appointments
  • Applications to allow healthcare providers to provide remote consultations and transmit sensitive data securely
  • A communication platform for disseminating medical and pharmaceutical information via email, social media, and custom, dynamic landing pages
  • New e-commerce estimation and purchasing tools for companies shifting their business online
  • Web application enhancements to highlight remote learning and drive traffic to e-learning resources

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