An application to manage a real estate sales team of thousands

Our client, a premier luxury real estate firm, is comprised of over 2,000 realtors. Built on innovation and integrity, the firm prioritizes efficiency and fairness in their internal operations.

The client wanted to build and maintain applications that would eliminate inefficiencies around sales leads and marketing budget management. Initially the client had relied on contractors, but as the company grew, they found they needed the support of a full, experienced team to provide stable and scalable solutions.

Services Provided
Planning / specification
Software architecture
Laravel development

Enduring impact

Throughout the ongoing relationship with the client, Kirschbaum has provided strategic guidance as well as the hands-on development resources to build enhancements for the application. The client has appreciated our ability to quickly and seamlessly scale up and down in response to their business environment and to help them withstand the unknowns.

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