A platform to make legal services more accessible

When an entrepreneur first set out to design a system that would bring legal services to families that may not otherwise be able to afford them, he had a business partner who was highly technical and able to handle their development needs. But when his business partner moved on, he found himself in need of technical development expertise.

Kirschbaum was brought on to serve as CTO and lead all aspects of the development division of the company. Our role includes technical strategy, staffing, and day-to-day management of the team.

Services Provided
Planning / specification
Software architecture
Laravel development

Optimize the application to deliver transformative growth

Our client had a vision for next-level application features that would streamline their operations and enable them to reach more people in need. They relied on us to develop a strategy for how to build this new functionality efficiently without disrupting existing users.

A major Laravel upgrade

As a first step, we needed to conduct a major Laravel upgrade to ensure the site was secure, stable, and scalable enough to support the new enhancements the company envisioned. The update from Laravel 4.x to the latest stable release, including a full test suite, data migration and bottom-up rebuild, positioned the application well for years to come.

Enduring impact

Kirschbaum has really enjoyed working with our client to help attorneys build their business while making legal services more accessible. Over the course of the two-year relationship, we have helped drive the technology advancements that have contributed to the company’s rapid growth.

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