A platform to make legal services more accessible

When an entrepreneur first set out to design a system that would bring legal services to families that may not otherwise be able to afford them, he had a highly technical business partner who could handle their development needs. But when his business partner moved on, he found himself needing the help of our team.

Working closely with our client, we:

  • Conducted a significant Laravel upgrade to ensure the site was secure and scalable. The upgrade included a full test suite and data migration that positioned the application well for years to come.
  • Created several features including a signup system, CRM (client relationship management software), integrations for meeting scheduling and reminders, and an automatic invoice system.
  • Built a tool to automatically generate search ads and scale campaigns based on a matrix of data points.
  • Developed a search function that interprets diverse user input to match the client with the most relevant provider.
  • Created a program that facilitates calls between matched attorneys and their prospective clients.
Services Provided
Planning / specification
Software architecture
Laravel development

Continuing impact

Over the course of this five-year relationship, we’ve helped drive technology advancements that contribute to the company’s rapid growth.

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