What is Laravel and why do we use it?

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What is Laravel and why do we use it?

Solving complex business problems is to a software engineer as building a home is to a contractor. The perfect combination of expertise and building materials are essential. The contractor you've employed does not extend resources to chopping down trees and milling the lumber to frame the house, or mining for clay, molding it into bricks, and curing it in a kiln for a touch of elegance and protection (although she might know how to do all that!).

For the process to be cost effective and efficient, the contractor must be savvy and focus their expertise on constructing your home with the right building materials from the home improvement store of choice.

Like the contractor building your home, we provide the expertise to help your company bring innovative products and services to market. Laravel happens to be our home improvement store of choice, we love it, and we're not alone!

Framework Trends

Laravel is a collection of components (building materials) that provides the functionality commonly found in the majority of applications. It equips your application with a solid foundation, so that we can get right to work building software that meets your needs and avoid wasting time reinventing the wheel.

Laravel affords us an opportunity to rapidly transform a concept into a working prototype, while also providing the complex underpinnings vital for us to massage that prototype into a viable product that meets your requirements. As a result of the versatility and efficiency it supplies software engineers, Laravel is the perfect match for startups, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers, and established businesses of all sizes.