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Seeking Director of Marketing and Communications (Remote)

About Kirschbaum Development Group
We are a team of experts that provide web application development, staff augmentation, and technical consulting services to businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 50 companies. We are a people-centric company with a deep commitment to the communities we serve. We’re not your typical tech company, and we think you’ll love working here.

What is Important to Us?

We are a team of highly skilled and capable people. Aside from will, dedication, and ambition, our biggest asset is our ability to learn and grow. Customers don’t hire us because we have all the answers. They hire us because we can quickly find effective and innovative solutions. We embrace modern technology as well as tried and true practices and principles from the past. We bring cautiousness and stability to our work. We are honest, hardworking, and passionate. We value people and relationships over processes and tools. We view ourselves as master crafters who respect and honor the importance and significance of what we do.
We believe that happy people make better decisions, write better code, and make great products. Team members will stay with us longer when they feel valued, feel like what they do matters, and feel like they have a say in the process.
We value personal and professional growth and prefer to work with people who have shown they will be invested in and committed to their own growth as individuals and professionals.

Job description

We are seeking an innovative and talented Director of Marketing and Communications to join our team and execute a variety of new and ongoing initiatives. The successful candidate will play a critical role in growth and stability, and will have plenty of opportunities for advancement over the coming months and years.
The successful candidate will have proven experience personally executing on critical aspects of this role. This is not just a management / leadership position. While we will be building out a more robust marketing team, we are looking for someone who is excited to roll up their sleeves and dig into the work.
If you are a quick learner, passionate about your work, and are highly motivated, we urge you to consider applying even if you don’t meet all the requirements listed in this posting. Because we are looking for someone who brings a healthy balance of both leadership and execution, we are open to candidates who feel this is a good opportunity to transition into a director role.
The ideal candidate will be tech savvy, have a vision for simple and clean design aesthetics, and have excellent communication and writing skills. Experience with copywriting and copy editing is important. We are looking for a candidate who is highly organized, self motivated, and a proven problem solver. Attention to detail is critical in this role.
This is a full-time remote position. Candidates must be able to work primarily between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

We offer great benefits

Work from anywhere
Great work life balance
Competitive salary
Company computer
Paid vacation
Budget for books/conferences
Paid holidays
Year-end bonus
Health, dental & vision insurance
Paid open-source time
401k with company match & profit share
Maternity / paternity leave


  • Serve as a creative director and brand manager for the company. This includes both helping with design and writing as able, as well as hiring and managing designers as needed in support of sales and marketing goals.
  • Ensure our online presence accurately represents what we do and clearly conveys our value proposition to potential clients, partners, and the development community.
  • Create and iterate on various marketing campaigns and initiatives that hone in on both existing and new audiences.
  • Produce, edit, and manage the creation and publication of strategic and compelling content (blog posts, articles, advertisements, promotional materials, podcasts, videos, etc).
  • Promote our open source and community contributions / involvement, including creating campaigns and initiatives that drive engagement and interaction.
  • Identity new ways to engage with and support the developer community.
  • Leverage social media to promote our brand, attract followers, and accurately represent who we are and where we are going as a company.
  • Increase organic traffic and the quality of sales leads.
  • Leverage paid advertising (Adwords, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc) and develop a system for generating highly qualified leads on demand.
  • Help implement and manage a new CRM system.
  • Work with the sales team to continuously optimize our sales strategies and systems, and help track opportunities.
  • Work with the recruitment team to help optimize our recruiting messaging, strategies, and systems.
  • Help foster and communicate our unique culture so that we can continue to build a reputation that attracts great partners, and compels insanely capable people to come work for us.
  • Help to research, develop, and market new service offerings, new business relationships, and new product ideas.
  • Embrace an evidence-based data-driven approach to making recommendations, solving problems, and improving processes.
  • Help with business administration tasks as needed.
  • Handle confidential and non-routine information with absolute discretion.


  • Demonstrate that you have the relevant experience to deliver on the responsibilities listed here or show that your aptitude and innovative abilities will allow you to get there quickly.
  • 5+ years relevant professional experience in marketing and/or business development roles.
  • Excellent writing skills and written communication.
  • Ability to identify, create and edit compelling content.
  • Excellent sense of clean, well balanced, and modern design.
  • Exceptional attention to detail and high level of focus.
  • Excellent research and analysis skills.
  • Must be team oriented, flexible, open-minded, and conscientious.
  • Quick to learn new skills and technologies.
  • Experience with web analytics tools and SEO.
  • Experience with paid advertising campaigns (google, LinkedIn, twitter, facebook, etc.).
  • Experience working with CRMs and Marketing Automation platforms (Hubspot, Activecampaign, Marketo, Infusionsoft/Keap, etc.)
  • Basic understanding of HTML and CSS.
  • Experience working with sensitive and confidential information.
  • Experience training & mentoring people.
  • Experience with some or all of the following: product development, innovation, SaaS products, UX, blogging, content creation, copywriting, sales, CRMs, customer service, competitor analysis, keyword research, SEO, SEM, direct marketing, email marketing, business analytics, website development, information architecture, podcasting, and video production.

Please do not call the office or send hard copy resumes. We carefully consider every application, but we can only accept applications made through this site.

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