Are you a creative thinker and a team player?

Do you bring passion and dedication to your work? If you are motivated to be part of an exceptional team then we’d love to hear from you.

Seeking motivated learners for our 12-week, full-time apprenticeship program (Remote)

Come join us! Our fully remote, paid apprenticeship program is an opportunity to build web applications alongside expert Laravel developers.
As an apprentice at Kirschbaum, you’ll never feel siloed – you’re a part of the team! Throughout the duration of your apprenticeship, you’ll be paired with a dedicated mentor to work with you along the way. In addition to your mentor you’ll also have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of everyone on our team.
We believe in learning by doing. Our apprentices gain hands-on experience with real projects in a supportive, team-based environment.
In addition to gaining experience, you’ll learn:
  • How we approach development
  • How we collaborate with clients and other developers
  • How we organize projects
  • How we approach code reviews
  • Tips, tricks, and strategies from other team members on how they’ve advanced their careers
This 12-week program is a great opportunity to learn and grow with us – and potentially become a long-term developer on our team.
At the successful completion of your apprenticeship, you’ll receive:
  • A letter of recommendation from us for your next opportunity,
  • An extension of your apprenticeship to further your learning, or
  • An offer of full-time employment with us

You’re a great candidate if you:

  • Have some exposure to programming through previous or current employment OR through one or more of the following:
    • - School
    • - A previous internship
    • - A code academy or bootcamp
    • - Self-taught through projects
  • Have a passion for learning.
  • Bring motivation and energy to your work.
  • Enjoy problem solving and teamwork.
  • Have an interest in Laravel and/or the Laravel ecosystem.

About Kirschbaum Development Group

We provide web application development, staff augmentation, and technical consulting services to businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 50 companies. We’re a people-centric company with a deep commitment to the communities we serve. We’re not your typical tech company, and we think you’ll love working here.

What’s important to us?

We are a team of highly skilled and capable people. Aside from will, dedication, and ambition, our biggest asset is our ability to learn and grow. Clients don’t hire us because we have all the answers. They hire us because we can quickly find effective and innovative solutions. We embrace modern technology as well as tried and true practices and principles. We bring cautiousness and stability to our work. We are honest, hardworking, and passionate. We value people and relationships over processes and tools. We view ourselves as master crafters who respect and honor the importance and significance of what we do.
Happy people make better decisions, write better code, and make great products. Team members stay longer when they feel valued, feel like what they do matters, and feel like they have a say in the process.
We value personal and professional growth and prefer to work with people who have shown they will be invested in and committed to their own growth as individuals and professionals.

Please do not call the office or send hard copy resumes. We carefully consider every application, but we can only accept applications made through this site.

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