About Us

We are a team of industry experts who provide software engineering solutions to meet the demands of complex business problems. We solve these problems with innovative software engineering and bleeding edge technologies. We help companies get their products and services to market quickly, all while anticipating the need to scale and change as business requirements and customer needs become clear. We have a track record of professionalism, and are proud to have helped some of the largest companies in the world develop products, streamline systems, and better reach their customers.


Nathan Kirschbaum

Nathan specializes in application architecture and development using open source tools like Laravel, Angular JS, Vue.js, PHP, and Drupal. Nathan earned his Bachelors Degree from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, and brings over ten years of business and leadership experience to his work.

Prior to founding Kirschbaum Development, Nathan worked for a leading web development company in Western Massachusetts. In his role as Vice President of Client Solutions, Nathan helped to oversee operations, and served as the company’s Senior Drupal consultant.

In recent years Nathan has worked on projects such as Jack Daniels, Harvard Medical School, MIT Deshpande, and many others ranging from small businesses and startups to Fortune 100 companies.

Anastasia Kirschbaum

Anastasia earned her degree from Mount Holyoke College in English and education. She has over ten years of experience in management, communications, and marketing.

Prior to her time at Kirschbaum Development Group, LLC, Anastasia ran the direct mail fundraising program at UMass Amherst’s Annual Fund for six years. She has also taught high school English and managed a college admissions office. Her attention to both details and the big picture, strong organization and communication skills, and care for our clients, augments the efficiency and professionalism of our team.

Luís Dalmolin

Luis is a web application developer with 10 years experience architecting complex applications using Laravel, Angular, Ionic and VueJS. Luis has a Bachelor's degree in Internet Systems from the University Feevale.

Prior to joining Kirschbaum Development Luis led a development team at an advertising agency in Brazil. In addition to teaching an AngularJS course at Feevale University, Luis has also translated the Laravel book "Code Bright" by Dayle Rees into Portuguese.

Patrick Devins

Patrick has been writing code for decades, with the last 9 years focused on building web solutions for everything from internal, enterprise systems to e-commerce web applications. Coming from a strong customer service and management background, he drives the architecture of applications based on business structure, workflow, and user demographic. His high standards, extensive experience, and attention to detail push him to utilize a wide array of methods that ensure each piece of an application meets the expectations of the end user.

Patrick received his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Central Florida where he also volunteered as an organizer in several professional coding groups, including the Orlando PHP Professionals and the North Orlando Developers Group. He has given talks on various subjects including Application Testing Methodologies and Updating Applications to PHP 7.

Julian Lustig-Gonzalez

Julian has 8 years experience developing business methodologies for startups and small business. His own venture, SOL, helped bring solar electricity to rural indigenous Colombians through a partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. His business experience is varied and diverse, from working with socially responsible investment firms to tech healthcare start-ups.

Julian earned his MBA from the Isenberg School of Business with a focus on data analytics. In addition to working with Kirschbaum Development group, Julian sits on the board of Rise@, a start-up consulting organization.

Bryan Miller

Bryan is a web application developer with experience in Laravel, Javascript, Bootstrap and Vue.js. Bryan earned a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri and has worked in computer science and web development for companies such as Boeing, ClickTripz, and BuddoBot before joining Kirschbaum Development Group.

Lately Bryan has enjoyed taking web development classes at Harvard University’s Extension School, where he has completed 32 graduate credits including courses on Laravel, HTML5, Javascript, JQuery, and Data Structures. He also served as a Teaching Fellow for Harvard University Extension School for DGMD E-12

Adam Parker

Adam is a web application developer with a background in database and system administration. He has a wide range of technology experience, including Laravel, PHP, Vue.js, Javascript, and Python. Prior to joining Kirschbaum Development Group Adam worked in Higher Education where, among other accomplishments, he wrote a custom software solution for campus access control and led numerous business critical technical projects including a Salesforce integration for Admissions.

Adam earned a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology and Management from Point Park University and is currently enrolled in a Master's in Computer Science program at Georgia Technical Institute.

Justin Seliga

Justin is a web application developer focused on building business-ready web systems with open source tools such as Laravel. He's developed and implemented web applications and sites for small businesses and universities.

Justin earned a degree in Information Technology from Pennsylvania State University, an MBA from Point Park University, and is currently enrolled in a Master's in Intelligence and Global Security.

Bryan Smith

Bryan is a web application developer with over 6 years of experience delivering practical and effective web solutions, primarily in PHP and JavaScript. He has led multiple teams through complex delivery cycles, and specializes in training and mentoring team members. Bryan works closely with product owners and stakeholders to optimize workflows and builds custom tooling to help with day-to-day challenges. Bryan holds himself and our team to a high level of excellence in building web experiences that are as beautiful and responsive as they are fast and functional.

Bryan earned a Bachelor's degree in Communications from Rowan University before diving headlong into web development and working his way through the ranks at a local start-up.

David VanScott

David has spent more than a decade fueled by a drive to build creative and innovative solutions using best-in-class open-source tools like Laravel and Vue.js. While earning his B.A in English from the University of Rochester, David championed and developed new ways for the university to interact with incoming freshmen. Since those early days, David has focused his career on guiding companies in building compelling and innovative customer-facing and internal applications, tools, and websites.

Prior to joining Kirschbaum Development Group David has worked in various senior engineering roles for both medium and large companies including Paychex, a leading payroll and HR solutions provider. He's also active in the open source community.

We're Hiring

If you or someone you know is a skilled laravel developer and wants to work with a growing team of talented passionate developers have them contact us here